VOX VOX VC-12 Floor Controller

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VOX VOX VC-12 Floor Controller

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Pedalera de Control

VOX VC-12 Pedalera de Control para amplificadores VOX AD60-AD120 VT-VTX-VTH.

VOX VC-12 Pedalera de Control para amplificadores

The Vox VC-12 floor controller expanded the capabilities and versatility of the Vox AD60VT, AD60VTX, AD60VTH, AD120VT, AD120VTX, and AD120VTH Valvetronix amplifiers. It also was used with the table top version of the Vox Tonelab.

However, it is important to understand that the VC-12 is not a "stand alone" effects device, it only functions when connected to the effects and programmer inside the Valvetronix "Blue" Series amp models listed above. This is an amp controller, it is not an effects pedal.

The VC-12 allows instant recall of tone programs stored in a Valvetronix amp by using the "Bank Up," "Bank Down," and "Channel" foot switches. Tapping the "Recall" switch returns the Valvetronix amp to the program previously selected. Four additional foot switches allow effects in the amp to switched on and off.

The VC-12 increases the storage capacity of a Valvetronix amp from 32 patches to 128. A built in guitar tuner includes an output mute for silent guitar tuning between songs.

Dual programmable rocker pedals may be used to control volume, wah, or even modulation speed.

The VC-12 connects to the amplifier using a standard Cat 5 computer network cable. A cloth carrying case is included

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