Medeli DD315

Medeli DD315

149,00 €

Bateria Electronica

MEDELI DD315 Bateria electronica portatil de sobremesa,con 7 Pads ,pedales de bombo y hi-hat.


With 7 touch sensitive pads and 2 foot pedals, DD315 has the capability of a full drum kit in the size of a portable drum. It provides 265 drum sounds, 45 drum kits and 100 preset songs. The sound system is meticulously tweaked to give a deep, powerful bass. Drummers are able to plug their music playing device to the Aux In jack and play along to all of their favorite music. DD315 also features a USB-MIDI connector that is compatible to all computers and mobile device for easy and quick connection, which allows to expand the sounds pattern using your favourite software. With optional battery operation, bring it with you everywhere! DD315 caters to both beginners and drummer enthusiasts and music creators, being a great alternative to full size drum kit.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 500 ×370×157.4 mm

Net weight: 3,3 Kg

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